Queen of Sheba review

Good Evening my tried and true intrepidarians! Bienvenues a  Intrepid Venture! Bienvenidos a mi blog!

I like to try some of the local cuisine wherever I go. Portland, in particular has a small but notable international scene. Allow me to tell you about a recent experience.


A couple of weeks ago I checked out a local delicacy here in Portland: Queen of Sheba. It was a warm sunny day and I had just gotten off work. Boy, was I tired and looking forward to a nice meal! My friend Phil and I decided to see if this Ethiopian was worth the hype.

My verdict: the service was good; our waitress continually refilled our water glasses and the food didn’t take long. It was warm and we were given enough napkins. The food itself was very delicious! The flavors and aromas were so delectable and pungent. All those hot flavors made me think of Arab cuisine and Indian cuisine, both of which I like. My friend and I ate with our hands as per Ethiopian custom.

injera bread

As per the ambience it fell a little flat to me. Maybe it was just this location, but the scenery felt like I was eating at a friend’s low lit apartment and not at a nice restaurant. The trappings and decorations were cool. But the plaster walls and poor lighting gave off a minimalist feel. I was looking forward to a nice restaurant with an exotic atmosphere, but sadly the restaurant interior projected a low-key, moribund vibe.

The price, on the other hand, was a bit high but the food was very good and quite filling. The delectable food was worth the price. I have no complaints with regards to cost. I’d rate Queen of Sheba 3.9 out of 5.

So, if you’re ever in Portland and craving ethnic African cuisine give Queen of Sheba a try. And let me know when you’re in town. I always love meeting people over a good meal.

queen of sheba

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